How to Build a Website That Converts

If you want to grow your business, it is important that you create a website that will run as well as possible, and that will convert as many people as possible. There is no point spending money on advertising if you do not know that the people who come to your website are actually going to spend money on it.

This is why it is a good idea to invest some time in learning how to build a website that will convert well. It is easy enough to learn how to build a website – but if that website scares customers away with poor performance, a lack of security, weak sales copy, or confusing navigation, then you have wasted your time and money.

The most important things today for business websites are mobile friendliness, security, and good calls to action. Your page must load quickly, look good on any device, and run well. If it does not, then you will lose a lot of customers before they even get to your sales pitch.

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You can find out how well your existing website is performing by using tools like Google Analytics. The Google Analytics service is offered free of charge to anyone who is interested in using it, and offers a huge number of useful tools for people to track visitor behaviour, search engine traffic, conversion rates, and more.

Perhaps the highest impact change that the average person can make to their website to improve their conversion rates is to start using better and more prominent calls to action.

Ideally, a call to action should appear above the fold, and there should be others repeated throughout the page, and one at the end of the page. Use bright colors and clear buttons, and add a sense of urgency – tell people to register today to take advantage of a discount, or ask them to sign up to your mailing list now to get special offers. A feeling of exclusivity is something that will work wonders for getting people to engage with your brand.

Finally, make sure that the conversion process is as friction-free as possible. Don’t push people to do something that will take a long time – use inline signup forms, and try to minimize the amount of information that you ask for. Try not to load new pages unless it is absolutely necessary.

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